Natural Lip Balm

These 100% natural lip balms are recipes I have been making for many years and I am now bringing it to the Epic line. Currently I have 4 different varieties of lip balm and have plans for 3 more this year. Available in Spearmint, Tangerine, Cocoa Butter, and Coffee Butter. 

Are you the kind of person who is tired of trying endless lip products that have chemicals that will dry and damage your lips even further? Chemicals that become addicting, making you want to apply more and more? Then this is the lip balm for you. I use 100 percent all natural ingredients in these balms and they are designed to be vegan friendly. 

Goes on super smooth and stays on leaving your lips soft and revived. Apply before bed and let the natural oil bring moisture back to your dry damaged lips. Even works great to apply as a lip gloss over your lip stick. 

Available in singles or 4 pack.

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