Happy Easter Sampler

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This is a story about Chick a Dee Do Dah and his Peeps. Chick a Dee lived on a magical animal farm with lots of amazing fragrances. He came out of his shell smelling like lemons, and buttercream, and sugar waffle cones. Every animal on the farm knew he would rule the roost. Chick a Dee was really smart but a little bossy. Well one day he got just a little too bossy and all of his peeps forced him to sit on a rotten egg. Because this was a magical farm, this rotten egg smelled so good. It smelled like blackberries, pie crust, and cake.

Every Easter Chick a Dee and his peeps would play peeps and robbers. Sometimes they would run in to each other and create a new magical scent of cinnamon candy, and marshmallow. There was one peep on the farm that was a little weird because his fragrance was not that of Spring. The others teased him and called him Jeepers Peepers. He didn't care though cause his fragrance was an amazing blend of apples, pomegranates, spices, and marshmallows. Tom was the loudest peep on the farm, he just laid around all day peeping, and peeping, but not in his indoor voice. Tom was the sweetest of them all. He put out a strong smell of yuzu, fruity puffs, and marshmallow. For Peeps Sake everyone cried as the smell of blackberries, bubble gum, marshmallow and vanilla rolled by waiting for Tom to stop peeping. 

There were 2 other wonderful smells on the farm that came from the eggs. The lady chicks knew how to lay some magical eggs. They tell stories of the family that owns the farm. They would play a game called egg toss which the hens were not all that fond of. Regardless that day the air would smell of satsuma and jelly beans. On the morning of Easter the little girl would put on her Easter dress smelling of lemongrass, sage, lavender, and love spell. She was always so excited to get in on the annual Easter Egg Hunt. All the animals would watch as the kids ran around looking for eggs that smelled like jelly beans, and fruity loop cereal. 

Easter fragrances came year round for the animals on this magical farm. They all got along wonderfully as Chick a Dee became a great leader to them all. The only family gripe they had was who was the best fragrance?

The End,

This Easter Sampler story is brought to you with 11.5 ounces of wax.

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