Happy Valentine's Day ~ Wax Mail Sampler

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Happy Valentine's Day ~ Here is your wax mail list for this adorable mail box sampler. Make sure to give your significant other a little hint that you need this for your special day. 

Be Mine ~ This fruity spa combo is has an amazing blend of Avo Bath Type and juicy pineapple. 

Sexy ~ This his and hers blend contains the sensual aroma of sandalwood mixed with rich amber, and masculine teak wood with a touch of shave cream.

Couples Massage ~ Relax and refresh with this unique blend of lilac, fresh lavender, and green tea.

First Kiss ~ Pucker up butter cup this fragrance if a fantastic blend of pink sugar, sweet pomegranate, and peppermint.

Date Night ~ Valentine's and roses go hand in hand. This blend has a sophisticated aroma of fresh fig with sweet rose, lily, fern, and marigold.

Box of Chocolates ~ Chocolate lovers beware, this blend is a sweet mix of milk chocolate, German chocolate, coconut, marshmallows, and sweet cream.

Netflix and Chill ~ Before you start your chillin, grab this frosty beverage made with Georgia Peach, tart pear, fresh raspberries, and homemade lemonade.

This pack comes with all 7 large heart fragrances. Each melt weighs 2+ ounce and cut be cut in to multiple pieces. You may also purchase each fragrance individually. 

We recommend using a 20 watt hot plate burner, or a tea light type burner for this wax. If your burner is a light bulb make sure is is 20 to 25 watts or a smaller nightlight outlet type burner. 

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