Winter Wonderland Sampler

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Snuggle up to these cozy and warm blends to keep you comfy during the cold season. This winter sampler is made up of 18 fragrances that are all custom blends by Epic Wax and finalists in our Winter Sampler contest. Each snowflake melt weighs approximately 1.1 ounces for a total of 19+ ounces. The samplers are available for pre-order now with a 7 to 10 business day TAT. 

Fragrances Included: 

  1. Nightcap at the Ski Lodge by Jennifer B-S - Dark and sweet, this fragrance has the aroma of caramelized brown sugar followed by the fresh fragrance of fig. It is then taker to higher level of sweet by adding vanilla, dark rum, sugar, coconut, cream, and milk.
  2. Fireside Scentimint by Ashley G - A bit of sweet with a bit of spice, this fragrance has notes of oranges and marshmallows with a kick of clove. It is rounded out with a smooth mix of mint and vanilla.
  3. Whitecap Mountain by Ashlei S - Clean notes of ozone and jasmine are balanced out with cypress and moss the finished with peppermint and a dash of sugar.
  4. Sweet Heat by Tina S - This fragrance is a true cinnamon lovers delight with an added twist of peppermint, sugar, and vanilla.
  5. Cool Mint Cotton by Tina S - Who doesn’t love a good peppermint. This fantastic combo is a relaxing mix of spearmint, peppermint, clean cotton, vanilla, and sugar.
  6. Cold Winter Comfort Cake by Vernell T - The sweet rum cake ingredients of vanilla extract, almonds, sugar, and coconut milk, are finished with sweet and spicy zucchini bread.
  7. Sledding Trip by Shelby S - This twist on sugary vanilla rum cake bring out hints of bergamot, ozone, and intense orange.
  8. Frost Queen by TaShyra G - Very fresh and feminine, this fragrance has an aroma of clean ozone, jasmine, and woods with sweet vanilla and mint.
  9. Drunken Snow Angel by Laurie S - This super complex blend is a perfect balance of sweet and spice. Fruity notes of cherry and orange give way to the spices of nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove. Finally finished off with hazelnut, vanilla, rum, and cake.
  10. Campfire Memories by Angela K - This sweet and smokey blend has a mix of wood smoke, marshmallows, vanilla, and sugar.
  11. Hot Tub in the Snow by Amanda M - This crisp and relaxing blend has the aroma of clean ozone and fresh lavender floating on notes of lemon, jasmine, and sugar with a background of cypress and cedar.
  12. Frozen Waterfalls - Epic Blend - As you bask at the beauty of this frozen spectacle catch the aromas of melon, peach, lemon, and jasmine with a background of peppermint, buttercream, amber, and woods.
  13. Winter Candy Apple Mint - Epic Blend - This one of a kind Epic Blend is a mix of winter candy apple along with a burst of mints and other ingredients that I can’t share with you. There are a total of 7 fragrance oils in this beauty.
  14. Frosted Apple PInecones - Epic Blend - A little sweet and a little woody, this fragrance has the woody notes of pine, spruce, cedar, and rosemary mingling with apples, cinnamon, and spice.
  15. Green Winter Berries - Epic Blend - This fruity bouquet of strawberry, orange, and apple is surrounded by a background of fresh wintergreen, and covered in vanilla and sugar.
  16. Cranberry Clove Bread - Epic Blend - Rich delicious zucchini bread is baked with ripe cranberries rolled in spice.
  17. Splendid Bread - Epic Blend - Fresh baked zucchini bread filled with apples and cinnamon is cooling in the window with a background of the pine forest outside.
  18. Coco Wap - Epic Blend - This insane blend is pure madness. It starts with a punch of chocolate cocoa stirred in to a cup of hazelnut coffee. it is then mixed with peppermint and vanilla and piled high with gooey marshmallows.


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