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Thank you for visiting Epic Wax. Here you will find information regarding my wax products. Should you have any questions for me please use the contact form or click on the messenger tab in the top right corner. Make sure to check out my blog to view updates and current sales.

Epic wax is located in Greenfield, Wisconsin.

Epic Wax Type ~ I have 2 different kinds of parasoy blend waxes. One is a harder wax used in most products including shapes. The second wax is a softer blend that is used in bars and loaves. All wax is hand poured and contains the maximum allowed fragrance.

TAT (Turn around Time) ~ Turn around time is the amount of time that I have allowed to make and ship your order. While I do keep many things in stock I can't guarantee that I will have everything you order and items may have to be made. My typical TAT is currently 7 business days however during popular wax seasons or during sales this time may increase. You will be notified should there be any changes with your order. Updates on TAT can be found at the bottom of the website.

RTS (Ready to Ship) ~ Occasionally I will list an item as ready to ship. These are items that I have reserved and ready to go. This may include the holiday samplers that you want to receive right away. If an item is reserved as ready to ship it will be marked in the listing description. Please note that if you add items that are not marked ready to ship standard TAT will apply.

Shipping ~ Shipping prices are based of off the weight of the product you order. In an effort to remain fair if you pay more than actual shipping you will be notified and offered a refund or additional Epic goodies to make up for the difference. 

Cure Time ~ When a wax is poured is may require a certain amount of cure time to achieve It's best possible fragrance and throw. During the testing phases of fragrance I have determined the minimum cure time that each wax requires. The harder wax used in shapes and cupcakes is ready to go after 2 weeks and the softer wax used in bars and loaves should cure for 4 weeks or more. 

Date Sticker ~ The date sticker located on each wax melt is the born on date or the date the wax was poured. Follow cure time procedures starting with the born on date to achieve optimal fragrance.

Wax Burners ~ There are a wide variety of wax burners on the market today and not all of them are the best possible choice for parasoy wax. I recommend that you use a 20 watt hot plate burner, or a tea light burner for the harder parasoy wax. For the softer parasoy blend you can use lower wattage burners that contain a light bulb, or for the nightlight burners. Many light bulb burners will not melt this wax completely and will not throw the fragrance well. 

Phthalate Free ~ Phthalates are a group of chemicals that are used in some fragrance oils to dissolve raw materials in the oil. Recent studies have found that certain phthalates can pose health issues in fragrances, cosmetics, and household products. Many fragrance manufacturers do not use phthalates in the products however there are many left on the market that still include them. Each wax melt listing on this website contains information regarding the inclusion of these chemicals. 

Wax Pool ~ To achieve a good amount of burn time and fragrance throw I recommend a 1/2 inch wax pool in your warmer dish. Different size burner dishes will require adjusting the amount of wax you use. For smaller burners use 3/4 ounces of wax. Standard size burner dishes will require at least an ounce of wax. Larger burner dishes will take 1 1/2 ounces of wax. These guidelines are based off my test for longevity and fragrance throw and results may vary based on the type of fragrance you are using. 

Cutting Wax ~ The Weight for each individual wax melt is listed on the package. Many Epic melts are the right size to toss in to your burner. Melts that are a little larger such as bigger shapes, bars, and loaves can be cut to the perfect size for your burner. Soap cutters are a great choice for this task. You may find them on this site for sale or at one of your local craft stores. You may also use a knife but please use caution as it may slide through the wax rather quickly. Determine the amount of wax you need for your burner then cut the wax on a cutting board on surface that will not damage.

Throw ~ The throw of a fragrance is described as the strength and distance that the fragrance is distributed through you space. These parasoy waxes have been tested and have great throw in the suggested burners and are based on test results from a large group of individuals that have tested for me. Every fragrance is different and throw results are going to vary. If you are experiencing trouble with the fragrance throw please check your burner to make sure it is the right type that I have suggested. The placement of the burner in your space can also be a factor when troubleshooting. 

Rewards ~ Please make sure to sign up for a rewards account to receive points for purchases and social media shares. Check my blog for the latest information regarding sales and double or triple point days. By signing up for a rewards account you will immediately receive enough point for 10 percent off.

Cleaning Your Warmer Dish ~ There are a couple of methods people use when getting the used wax out of the warmer dish. If the dish is removable you can put it in the freezer for 10 minutes and the wax will just fall right out. Another way is to dump the wax while it is melted. Use a small paper cup to dump the wax in to then wipe dish out with a napkin or cotton ball. When the cup is full and the wax has hardened toss it in the trash. 

If you did not find the answer to your questions here you can click on the messenger tab on the top right of the website to use Facebook or use the contact form and I will get back to you ASAP.  Don't forget to sign up for the rewards account and receive points for sharing and liking our social medial outlets. 

Happy Melting,

Jeremy Puth

Owner and Wax Wizard at Epic Wax and 16 Candles by J.P. Lawrence

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