Fragrance List

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2 x 4 - This fragrance has the distinct smell of wood right from the lumberyard with a hind of cedar wood. 

Aloha Orchid - Aloha orchid has the perfect summertime blend of freshly picked orchids, jasmine, and gardenia then uniquely mixed with undertones of tropical fruit.

Amanda's Lavender MacRefreshing and sweet, this aroma is a fantastic blend of fresh lavender and Macintosh apple.

Amber Noir - Creamy vanilla and rich amber with sandalwood and musk create a rich and sultry aroma.

American Sweetheart - Our twist on this classic American dessert starts with a mixed array of cherries blended with two types of vanilla then baked in a sugary, crisp pie crust.

Amore - This love spell dupe is a luscious fusion of citrus, cherry blossom, hydrangea, apple, and peach.

ApparitionA true fall blend of red hot cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and warm vanilla with a refreshing twist of black cherry.

Apple Harvest - Ripe apple and bright fruit notes are combined with just a touch of spice. The fragrance is infused with natural essential oils including cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, orange, and cedar wood.

Apples N Cinnamon - This fragrance consists of juicy Macintosh apples combined with warm cinnamon and a hint of vanilla. The finished product is a unique sweet and spicy fragrance.

Autumn at Laura's House - (Created by Laura R) - This Autumn blend starts with a creamy pumpkin souffle mixed with mulled cider and caramel then topped with crushed sugary cinnamon doughnuts.

Avo BathFresh citrus with lemon, light musk, and lemongrass create this outstanding clean and refreshing fragrance.

Avo Shave - This fragrance is Avo-Clean with notes of fresh citrus, lemon, light musk, and lemongrass along with classic shave cream.

Bacon Wrapped Espresso Beans What the heck is this you ask? We have taken two powerful and bold fragrances and combined them in to one strong punch of dark roast espresso beans wrapped in juicy bacon. Who doesn’t love bacon with everything?

Bake Sale - Sweet pineapple meets sugar cookie bliss with this bakery inspired creation.

Bamboo - Fill the air in your home with this fresh and clean union of bamboo and green floral essential oils.

Bamboo Coconut - This beautiful spa like fragrance has clean notes of fig leaf, ozone, and lime grounded by coconut, pineapple, driftwood, and vanilla.

Bamboo Hemp - Bamboo hemp is a refreshing earthy blend of bamboo stalks, vetiver, and patchouli enriched with hemp seed and fresh oakmoss.

Banana - This wonderful banana fragrance has a sweet and fruity aroma that may remind you banana taffy.

Banana Cream Cupcake - Rich banana cream is delicately blended with warm graham crackers and creamy white cake.

Banana Cream Pie - If you love the aroma of a freshly baked banana cream pie, you will love this warm and sweet fragrance that consists of true banana, buttercream, sugar, and graham. 

Banana Creme Brulee Pie - This original blend has a delectable aroma of banana and buttercream mixed with vanilla custard and caramelized sugar.

Banana Nut Bread ~ Blendy Blocks or Puzzle Piece - Smell the aroma of a fresh baked slice of banana nut bread. This delicious combination of walnuts, ripe banana, vanilla, and a touch of spice is sure to spark your appetite.

Banana Split Cupcake - Cake Batter Fudge, Banana, Strawberry Jam (By Angela K.)

Beach Bum - Macintosh apples and caribbean teakwood are blended in harmony to create this fresh, earthy aroma.

Be Mine - This fruity spa combo is has an amazing blend of Avo Bath Type and juicy pineapple. 

Bergamot & Tarragon - Picture yourself at a spa getting a massage when you smell a beautiful fragrance of Tarragon leaves, grapefruit, and lime mixed with jasmine, oakmoss, and bamboo. This fragrance is fresh, clean, and very relaxing.

Berry Crunchy Breakfast - Sugary caramel and vanilla crunch is surrounded by raspberries, strawberries, Bing cherry, and juicy oranges. 

Berry Flowers – Sweet strawberries are delicately combined with peony and jasmine to create this one of a kind fragrance.

Birthday Cake ~ Blendy Blocks or Puzzle Piece - It’s your birthday so make a wish and blow out the candles. This fragrance will bring back memories of the smell of fluffy white cake with sugary buttercream frosting.

Blackberry - This blackberry heaven has the perfect sweet aroma of fresh picked berries. 

Blackberry Lemonade – Notes of sun-ripened blackberry, plum, and fresh strawberry are mixed with tart lemon, red currant, pear, and caramelized sugar.

Blackberry Lemonade Fizz – This sweet and bold fragrance has a combination of juicy blackberries, fresh lemons, and fizzy citrus soda.

Blackberry Zingers - White Cake, Blackberry Lemonade, Honeysuckle (By Erica L.)

Black Cherry - Rich cherry and sweet berries are mixed with notes of grape to create this incredibly bold fragrance.

Black Leather - This fragrance needs no introduction. If you love the smell of leather this fragrance is for you.

Black Sea -This airy and balanced blend is a sweet and salty fragrance that contains amber and vanilla. It is infused with cardamom and clove essential oils.

Black Sea Salt & OrchidThis fragrance is a smooth, elegant, and airy combination of sea salt, jasmine, sweet cream, and musk then balanced out with sweet amber, and vanilla.  

Blueberry Banana Brulee – Caramelized cream and vanilla custard are mixed with sweet blueberries, cream cheese, and banana taffy.

Blueberry Cheesecake - This blueberry cheesecake soy candle will tempt you taste buds with a fragrance of warm vanilla cheesecake topped with fresh baked blueberries.

Blueberry Cobbler ~ Blendy Blocks or Puzzle Piece - Calling all blueberry scent lovers, this fragrance has an inviting aroma of baked vanilla and mouthwatering blueberries.

Blueberry Cupcake - This delicious blend consists of warm blueberry cobbler mixed with creamy white cake.

Blueberry Dream Fluff - Blueberry Cheesecake, Fruity Puffs, Marshmallow Fluff (By Sarah B.H.)

Blueberry Flapjacks - There is nothing like the waking up in the morning to the smell of flapjacks cookin in the kitchen. This fragrance is our original combination of warm blueberries, vanilla, and rich maple syrup.

Blueberry Lemon Bash - Blueberry, Lemon Drop, Cupcakes at Tiffany's, Cuppy Cake (By Fawn G.)

Blueberry ShaveCreamy and sweet, the aroma here is a blend of fresh baked blueberries, and vanilla rounded off with classic shave cream.

Bobbing for Poison ApplesThis deadly bobbing for apples remix is a game of chance. This juicy apple treat has a combination of Macintosh apples, Golden Delicious apples, tart green apple, and finished with a punch of spiced apple.

BonfireCampfire smoke and vanilla bean are combined with red berries, mandarin, plum, cassia bark, and amaryllis to create a sweet and smoky fire aroma. This fragrance has a deep smoky scent and closely resembles the smell of a bonfire with a bit of sweetness. (if you are looking for a true fireplace scent see our Cozy Fireplace fragrance).

Box of Chocolates ~  Chocolate lovers beware, this blend is a sweet mix of milk chocolate, German chocolate, coconut, marshmallows, and sweet cream.

Brain Freeze - Sweet and sour lemonade is mixed with notes of blueberry, peach, and strawberry followed by blue violet, velvet rose, and sugary vanilla candy.

Brown Sugar FigThis cozy and warm fragrance pairs caramelized brown sugar with ripened figs, smooth coconut, and amber.

Brown Sugar Fig Banana Bread – This appetizing aroma is a unique blend of warm banana bread covered in brown sugar, vanilla, and warm spices.

Bubble Gum - I remember as a child chewing delicious bubble gum and blowing bubbles so big they would explode and stick to my face. Getting in a largest bubble competition where your opponent would try to stick their finger in it to make it pop in my face. This fragrance takes me back with the sweet aroma of classic bubble gum.

Bubbly Bloody Screwdriver - Vampires like their cocktails, and this favorite beverage contains blood orange, bergamot, and grapefruitthen  topped with lemon lime soda. 

Bugsy Blowfish - The newest member to a growing gang. Some folks let his sweet-smelling cologne, charming wit, and killer smile fool them, only to end up sleeping with the fishes. Try not to be charmed by Bugsy Blowfish! His evil hides behind his bright colors and fantastic aroma of strawberry and guava blended with passionfruit and mango with a blast of sugary candy and vanilla. 

Butterscotch - As a child my grandmother had a cabinet full of hard candies. That was the first place I wanted to go when we visited. She always had my favorite butterscotch disc candies and this fragrance is a pleasant reminder of that amazing flavor.

Cabana BoySalted air drifts over the aromas of lavender and snuggly clean sheets filling the cabana.

Campfire Memories - This sweet and smokey blend has a mix of wood smoke, marshmallows, vanilla, and sugar.

Candy Cane - This classic fragrance of peppermint powder, vanilla, and citrus is a true reminder of the favorite holiday candy treat.

Candy Corn ButtercreamCorny is friendly ghost that leaves a vapor trail of French vanilla, sweet anise, and rich buttercream mixed with candy corn and sugar. 

Caribbean Teakwood ~ Puzzle Piece or Boots - Have you ever smelled a cologne or manly fragrance that is completely irresistible? This masculine scent is a superb blend of leather, tobacco, amber, and musk with black tea, pepper, and earthy fragrances.

Chai Latte ~ Blendy Blocks or Puzzle Piece - You walk in to a coffee shop on a cool fall day and smell the aromas of orange, cinnamon, clove, and tea leaves mixed with caramel, vanilla, and milk. The barista has just whipped up a warm Chai Latte.

Chamomile - This fragrance has the aroma of fresh chamomile flowers that is both sweet and soothing.

Chamomile Lavender - This wonderful blend is a little bit of floral with a refreshing spa like background. It starts with classic chamomile mixed with lavender flowers and is finished with botanical fragrances of sage, musk, bergamot, and mint.

Cherry Bomb Shave CreamThis shaving cream combination has a powerful burst of cherry with notes of bergamot, cedarwood, musk, and spices.

Cherry Bomb Sodie PopSparkling citrus soda pop combined with powerful cherry and a hint of vanilla make up this sweet fizzy fragrance.

Chick a Dee Do DahThe ruler of the roost, this young chick is admired by his aroma of lemon, buttercream, vanilla waffle cone, sugar, and fluffy marshmallow.

Chocolate Chip Flapjacks - Sweet chocolate chips and rich milk chocolate sauce are topped with gooey maple syrup.

Chocolate Cupcake - This chocolate cupcake fragrance will have you craving something sweet. It is a delicious bakery fragrance that is a combination of German chocolate cake mixed with cake batter and covered in rich buttercream frosting.

Christmas Cranberry - Cozy up to this bold cranberry blend that will remind you of the holiday season. The cranberry is combined with citrus notes along with spruce, pine, and geranium which creates a warm comforting fragrance.

Christmas EveBring in the holidays with this warm aroma of sugarplums and fruits with a hint of balsam fir.

Christmas Eve Cranberry CloveBring in the holidays with this warm aroma of sugarplums and fruits with a hint of balsam fir mixed with sweet cranberries, woods, and clove. 

Christmas Time - Celebrate Christmas with a wonderful woodsy fragrance that is sure to please. Christmas time has a blend of cinnamon bark and fir needles that are combined with pine and clove buds.

Christmas Time CrushThis unique holiday fragrance has a woodsy aroma of cinnamon bark and fir needles that are combined with pine and clove buds sweetly blended with orange, cream, and a hint of bubbly. 

Cinnabuns - There is nothing like the smell of cinnamon buns fresh out of the oven and smothered in sweet, creamy frosting.

CinnaNilla Cake - Cinnamon Crunch Cake, Cupcakes at Tiffanys, Vanilla, Chai (By Tina S.)

Classic Barbershop - Memories of your fathers aftershave and hair tonic are found in this irresistible blend of amber, musk, and bay rum. 

Clean Shave This classic barber shop scent is fresh and clean with notes of bergamot, musk, cedarwood, orange zest, and spices.

Clean LaundryThis popular laundry type is a super fresh and clean fragrance of detergent and sun dried clothes.

Cocoa Wap - This insane blend is pure madness. It starts with a punch of chocolate cocoa stirred in to a cup of hazelnut coffee. it is then mixed with peppermint and vanilla and piled high with gooey marshmallows and finished with a fresh sprig of mint..

Cocobolo Wood - This unique soy candle is a little sweet with floral undertones that create the aroma of a dark reddish tropical hardwood that is incredibly bold.

Coconut (Beach Tan) - Many of us have enjoyed a nice relaxing summer day on the beach with the scent of coconut sun tan oil in the air. Take that fragrance in to your home or beach house with this classic coconut scented wax.

Coconut Cherry Dream Cake - Coconut Cream Pie, Black Cherry, Cake Batter Fudge (By Erica L.)

Coconut Cream Pie - This one is for the fans of sweet baked dessert fragrances. Coconut cream pie is a rich creamy blend of vanilla, coconut, and butter.

Coconut Lime Verbena - Are you the type of person that likes a nice fruity fragrance but has a unique citrus blast mixed in? Our coconut lime verbena starts with lime, kumquat, grapefruit, and lemon finished with hints of jasmine, musk, and sandalwood.

Coffee Stout (Guiness) - This rendition of a popular Irish beer is a rich, bold combination of coffee and dark chocolate. It is incredibly bold and sweet.

Cognac & Cubans - This masculine and aromatic blend consists of spiced tobacco leaves and velvety cognac essences sweetened with bergamot, and lemon zest.

Cold Winter Comfort CakeThe sweet rum cake ingredients of vanilla extract, almonds, sugar, and coconut milk, are finished with sweet and spicy zucchini bread.

Cool Blue (Cool Water) - This crisp, clean, and powerful fragrance resembles a popular men’s Cologne.

Cool Citrus Basil - This scented wax has a refreshing blend of citrus and herbs.  It contains notes of sweet basil, lime, and wild mint followed by geranium, linden blossom, and cyclamen.  Cool citrus basil fragrance is infused with basil, lemon, and geranium essential oils.

Cool Mint CottonWho doesn’t love a good peppermint. This fantastic combo is a relaxing mix of spearmint, peppermint, clean cotton, vanilla, and sugar.

Coriander & Tonka - Coriander and tonka beans mixed with amber, tobacco, lemon, and vanilla make up this rich and sultry aroma that is unique and sweet.

Corny the GhostCorny is friendly ghost that leaves a vapor trail of French vanilla, sweet anise, and rich buttercream mixed with candy corn and sugar. 

Cotton Candy ~ Blendy Blocks or Puzzle Piece - Most everyone at one time has enjoyed the sticky sweet taste of cotton candy from the fair. This amazing fragrance is made with a blend of sweet vanilla and sugary strawberry.

Cotton Fresh ~ Blendy Blocks or Puzzle Piece - The laundry is hanging on the line on a beautiful summer day and the air is filled with the smell of sun dried cotton combined with green botanical notes, white flowers, and a hint of lemon. This one is for the lovers of fresh linen scents.

Couples Massage - Relax and refresh with this unique blend of lilac, fresh lavender, and green tea.

Cozy Fireplace - If you are looking for a fragrance that smells like a true fireplace and not like cologne this is the one. This fragrance has a woodsy, earthy aroma of smoked woods, fir, pine, cedar, balsam, and red berries.

Creme Brulee - This spectacular fragrance is a yummy, sweet rendition of a traditional crème brulee that has the aroma of vanilla custard and caramelized sugar.

Crackling Firewood - Crackling Firewood has a unique aroma different from other firewood fragrances. It really smells like a log that has just been split and tossed on to the fire as it snaps and crackles. (please note that this firewood fragrance may resemble cologne or perfume and has some spice to it). Also See: Bonfire, and Cozy Fireplace 

Cranberry Clove Bread - Rich delicious zucchini bread is baked with ripe cranberries rolled in spice.

Cranberry Fusion - Cozy up to this bold cranberry blend that will remind you of the Fall season. The cranberry is combined with citrus notes along with spruce, pine, and geranium which creates a warm comforting fragrance.

Cypress & Bayberry - Stroll through this refreshing evergreen forest with upscale notes of ozone, bay laurel, and cooling eucalyptus.  Middle notes include cypress, moss, and bayberry with fir balsam, patchouli, and sweet incense. This fragrance is infused with fir, patchouli, eucalyptus, and mint essential oils.

Cucumber Melon - Fruity honeydew melon and cucumber are blended with tart apples and watery fresh greens.

Date Night - Valentine's and roses go hand in hand. This blend has a sophisticated aroma of fresh fig with sweet rose, lily, fern, and marigold.

Dragon's LairSweet and airy aromas of salty sea, amber, and vanilla are blended smoothly with earthy patchouli, cedarwood, and orange. 

Drunken Snow Angel - This super complex blend is a perfect balance of sweet and spice. Fruity notes of cherry and orange give way to the spices of nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove. Finally finished off with hazelnut, vanilla, rum, and cake.

Druidess (Halloween Bat) (Clamshell)This Pagan beauty will cast a spell on you with her tempting blend of chocolate, orchid, and vanilla cooking over a campfire.

Duck Sampler:

     Crazy Quacker - Buttercream, pear tart, red hot cinnamon.

     Duck That - Lime, orange, berries, grape, black cherry, fizzy soda.

     Duck Yeah - Mixed fruit, pink sugar, marshmallow fluff, peppermint.

     Funny as Duck - Blackberry, pie crust, vanilla lime.

     I'm Quacking Up - Peach, pineapple, berry flowers.

     Just Ducking Around - Chai Latte, Blueberry Cheesecake.

     Lucky Ducky - Hazelnut coffee, banana nut bread, vanilla sugar cone.

     That's Just Ducky - Palo Santo, sugar cookie.     

     What the Duck? - Lavender, milk chocolate, German chocolate cake.

     Zero Ducks Given - Palo Santo, marshmallow, fireside.

Easter Dress - This fresh botanical aroma has a combination of fruits along with lemongrass, sage, lavender, and hydrangea. 

Easter Egg HuntFruity breakfast cereal mingles with jelly bean notes of cherry, strawberry, and peach with a balance of cinnamon and vanilla.

Eat Dessert FirstFluffy marshmallow is combined with a splash of tropical punch for this irresistibly fruity concoction.

Egg TossMandarin slices, bergamot, spices, and exotic fruits are mixed with the fruity aroma of jelly beans and vanilla. (Satsuma with Jelly Beans). 

Eucalyptus - The fragrance of fresh picked eucalyptus leaves is combined with hints of lime creating a powerful botanical blend. This eucalyptus is infused with essential oils.

Eucalyptus Lavender - If you are the type of person that likes a relaxing herbal fragrance to help relieve the stresses of your day this fragrance is for you. It is a subtle blend starting with classic eucalyptus and lavender buds, the lightly mixed with thyme, musk, sage, and mint. This fragrance is one of our most popular botanical blends.

Eucalyptus Peppermint - Fresh eucalyptus and peppermint oil make up this fragrance which is one of our original herbal blends that is refreshing and powerful. This one can help you relax and even clear out your sinuses.

Eucalyptus Spearmint – Looking for an invigorating spa like herbal blend? This fragrance is a botanical blend of eucalyptus and spearmint with added notes of lemon, lavender flowers, and a little sage.

Exhaust Fumes - Rev up your engine and get ready for an interesting wood smoke aroma with hints of cedar wood and spice.

Fig & Rhubarb - This balanced blend of sweet berries and tart rhubarb is a sophisticated mix of currant, strawberry, and blackberry along with fresh fig, vanilla, and wood. 

Fig Tree - Are you on the hunt for an incredible fresh fragrance? Look no further because fig tree is earthy, clean, sweet, and sophisticated. This is one of our top sellers that is must have for fresh scent lovers.

Figgy Rum Raisin Brown SugarCaramelized brown sugar with fig, coconut, and amber are paired with cream and rum ripened raisins.

Fireside Scentimint -A bit of sweet with a bit of spice, this fragrance has notes of oranges and marshmallows with a kick of clove. It is rounded out with a smooth mix of mint and vanilla.

First Kiss ~  Pucker up butter cup this fragrance if a fantastic blend of pink sugar, sweet pomegranate, and peppermint.

Fizzy Sodie Pop – Sweet sparkling water with notes of orange flower, eucalyptus, and lemon lime soda.

Flannel Sheets – This fresh and clean laundry type fragrance consists of lemon, orange, cotton, fresh mountain air, sandalwood, and fresh flowers.

Flowering Dogwood - Spring has arrived, the dogwoods are in bloom and the air is fill with delightful floral aromas. This fragrance was created using a blend of jasmine, violet, and plumeria, with undertones of sandalwood and musk. It is refreshing, sweet, and petite.

Forever - Do you like the smell of men's cologne? This fragrance has all of the requirements to be a masculine cologne scent and is a duplicate of a popular spray for men.

For Peeps SakeCan you believe it? This blend contains a fantastic mix of fresh blackberry, bubble gum and sugar with a smooth marshmallow finish.

French Lavender - Take a stroll through the flower garden and you may find the sweet aroma of French lavender flowers. This fragrance smells more like a flower bloom than an herbal lavender.

Fresh Cut Grass - It’s a warm summer day and everyone is mowing their lawns. Your windows are open and the aroma of the fresh grass clippings flow on the breeze through your home. This fragrance is a perfect match for the aromatic smell of fresh cut grass.

Fresh Fallen Leaves - This fall type fragrance has a unique floral aroma that resembles the smell of leaves after they have fallen from the tree.

Fresh Picked Strawberries - Strawberry picking can be a fun way to enjoy time with family and create wonderful memories. This fragrance will fill your space with a delightfully sweet aroma of fresh strawberries.

Frosted Pumpkin - Fresh top notes of lemon are combined with creamy pumpkin, nutmeg, and ginger, finished off with maple sugar and vanilla frosting. 

Frost Queen - This winter queen has a fresh aroma of ozone, cypress, jasmine, and spices mixed with Tonka bean and vanilla then finished with soft cool mint.

Frosted Apple Pinecones - A little sweet and a little bit woody, this fragrance has the woody notes of pine, spruce, cedar, and rosemary mingling with apples, cinnamon, and spice.

Frozen Waterfalls - As you bask at the beauty of this frozen spectacle catch the aromas of melon, peach, lemon, and jasmine with a background of peppermint, buttercream, amber, and woods.

Fruity Puffs – This fragrance will remind you of a yummy fruity cereal with a sweet blend of orange, ripe berries, tangerines, and sweet sugary vanilla.

Fruity Puff Mallow FluffCreamy vanilla and fluffy marshmallow join the sweet blend of orange, berries, and tangerines.

Garden Mint - Cool and crisp notes of mint leaves and peppermint give way to herbal and woody accords. This fragrance smells a little like the peppery spicy scent of the green mint leaf.

Gingerbread Men - You know those jolly little gingerbread cookies with the smiling faces? This fragrance has a classic aroma of gingerbread cookies covered with vanilla frosting, cinnamon sticks, toasted graham crackers, and juicy raisins.

Gleaming Steel - This fresh and clean fragrance has marine, ozonic notes, moss, and tonka blended with lily of the valley and jasmine. 

Golden Rose - Beautiful and complex, this floral bouquet includes sweet rose, lily, fern, and marigold.

Grape - The grapes are picked fresh from the vineyard then sweetened with sugar.

Grape Bubble Gum - Bursting bubbles everywhere, this fragrance is our original combination of mouthwatering, juicy grape and fruity bubble gum.

Grape JellyThis scent of homemade grape jelly combines fresh tart grapes with sugary goodness that is sure to please.

Grapefruit - True to it's name and very refreshing, This fragrance is a blend of sweet citrus and tart grapefruit.

Grapefruit Mint - Grapefruit Mint is one of our unique custom blends that is a combination of sweet citrus, tart grapefruit, and peppermint oil.

Greasy Bacon Fat - Oh the wonderful smell of bacon cooking in the morning as the grease snaps and crackles in the pan.

Green Apple - This apple fragrance packs a powerful punch of tart granny smith apples mixed with sweet apple candy.

Green Winter Berries - This fruity bouquet of strawberry, orange, and apple is surrounded by a background of fresh wintergreen, and covered in vanilla and sugar.

Groove Fairy - This floral spa type fragrance is a custom blend of neroli, fresh orange, and sweet jasmine flowers.

Gunpowder - This masculine bold scent has tones of black powder, woodsmoke, and spices. 

Harvest - If you are like me and fall fragrances are your favorites than don't miss out on this one. It is a spiced scent that consists of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and warm vanilla.

Hansel & Gretel's Coffee Cone - This unique fragrance for the holidays has a combination of gingerbread, cinnamon, and graham crackers mixed with coffee ice cream on top of a cookie wafer vanilla cone.

Hazelnut Cupcake - Toasted hazelnuts and sweet coffee are blended with sugary white cake in this unique bold fragrance. 

Hazelnut Coffee - This one is for the lover of sweet coffee scents. It is a fragrant full-bodied rich aroma containing freshly roasted European hazelnuts with an added touch of indulgent cream.

Heavenly Hippie - Masculine oakmoss and herbal patchouli mingle with fresh fig, bamboo, rhubarb, and coconut.

Hipster Beard - Earthy and sensual, this blend contains a warm oriental aroma mixed with the shave cream notes of aromatic spices, orange zest, cedar wood, and musk. 

Holiday Coffee Blend - During the holidays you walk in to a coffee shop and you smell the aroma of the special spiced drinks brewing just for the season. This fragrance is a special spiced blend of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and ginger. It finishes with a buttery almond, sweet vanilla, and maple. 

Holiday Coffee & Doughnuts - The holiday spiced drinks are brewing and we have added our special touch with the aromas of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg combined with almond, vanilla, maple and spongy fried doughnuts. 

Holly Berry - This unique holiday fragrance is a little sweet and a little spicy. Cinnamon and clove are part of the top notes while the background is sweetened with vanilla and orange. This combination creates a warm and inviting holiday aroma. 

Home - Home is where you story begins so snuggle up with this house warming blend of cinnamon and clove with rosemary and ylang.

Honeysuckle - Intoxicating and sweet, this floral bouquet is combined with notes of pear, cassis, and a cotton candy finish. 

Hot Apple Cider - Imagine holding a cup of hot apple cider as you warm your hands and breathe in the aroma of cinnamon, fruity apple, and spices. This fragrance has a combination of fruity apple, cassia, and a touch of green melon mixed with cinnamon, clove spice, vanilla, and a dash of herbal eucalyptus.

Hot Tub in the Snow - This crisp and relaxing blend has the aroma of clean ozone and fresh lavender floating on notes of lemon, jasmine, and sugar with a background of cypress and cedar.

Hyacinth - This delightful floral aroma comes right from the garden with the smell of real hyacinth flowers floating through the air.

Hydrangea - This is one of the best floral fragrances available. It has a beautiful aroma of fresh island hydrangea flowers that is subtle and sweet.

Irish CleanThis fresh scent of crisp clean soap included bergamot and citrus, followed by floral and herbal notes with a woody finish.

Irish ShaveShowered and shaved, this combo has the aroma of crisp clean soap followed by the clean notes of shaving cream.

Island Hibiscus (Griselda Goldfish) - Whisk away to a tropical island where you will smell the aroma of Hibiscus flowers, hyacinth, jasmine, gardenia, and light musk.

Jamaica Me Crazy (Guppy Capone) - This fragrance is a tropical blend of  coconut, pineapple, rum, tangerine, banana, and melon.

Jeepers PeepersThis peeper is a little off season. He leaves a trail of crisp apples, spiced pomegranate, marshmallow, and sugar cookie.

Joseph's Birthday Bash - Birthday Cake, Fruity Puffs, Vanilla Bean (By Kim V.)

Lemon Cupcake - Delicious and sweet, this cupcake fragrance is our own blend of juicy lemon, moist cake, and yummy buttercream frosting.

Lemon Drop ~ Blendy Blocks  - If you are looking for the perfectly sweet lemon blend this one is a combination of lemon, sugar, and bergamot. This fragrance will remind you of the popular lemon hard candy with a hint of floral undertones. 

Lemon Orange Supreme -  Lemon Drop, Orange, Birthday Cake (By Mandi D.)

Lemon ShaveLemony Clean and refreshing, this blend has the aroma of relaxing lemon verbena along with the creamy aroma of shaving cream.

Lemon Verbena ~ Blendy Blocks or Puzzle Piece - Crisp and refreshing, this fragrance will make you house smell lemony fresh just like a lemon scented cleaning product. 

Lemongrass Sage - Lemongrass Sage has an uplifting aroma of fresh cut lemongrass along with sage leaf. This fragrance is smells both sweet and clean at the same time.

Lilac ~ Blendy Blocks or Flower - Spring is a wonderful time for beautiful flowers that are in full bloom and the smell of fresh lilac fills the air.

Log Cabin Blankey. Wrap yourself up in this cozy fragrance of fresh laundry, clean cotton, and spiced cedar wood with notes of sandalwood and fresh flowers.

Macintosh Apple ~ Blendy Blocks or Apple - Have you ever been to the apple orchard in the fall? Here is Wisconsin it is an annual tradition to go out and pick apples right from the tree, buy cider, and cider doughnuts. This fragrance is a perfect reminder of fresh Macintosh apples mixed with a little sweet and sour.

Maple Pecan Cupcake -  This custom fragrance is a blend of classic pecan pie and sweet white cake then smothered with maple syrup.

Marshmallow Fluff – This yummy confection has the fragrance of delicious, gooey marshmallow cream.

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream - Sweet and delicious memories of classic mint chocolate chip ice cream our found in this powerful custom blend of sweet chocolate, creamy vanilla, and fresh mint.

Mistletoe - This fragrance is a must have for the holiday season. It is a wonderful combination of fir, balsam, and cedar, combined with citrus and clove creating a warm, uplifting ambiance.

Mistletoe DreamsAre you dreaming of that special someone to kiss under the mistletoe?  This dreamy combination has woodsy fir, balsam, and cedar, combined with citrus and clove then finished with soothing lavender and spearmint.   

Mixed Fruit ~ Blendy Blocks or Puzzle Piece - Mixed fruit has the aroma of a unique fruit salad that consists of grapefruit, orange, lemon, strawberry, and ripe raspberries. This is the perfect candle for those of you who love amazing fruity scents.

Monkey Farts (Tetra Luciano) - This attractive tropical fragrance consists of fresh bananas and grapefruit mixed with notes of kiwi, bubblegum, strawberries, and a hint of vanilla.

Mother Nature - Nature takes over with this blend of bergamot, tarragon, vanilla bean, bamboo and green floral essential oils.

Mr. Meltermeyer or Smoking RoomThis masculine billionaire carries the aroma of pipe smoke, cedar, and cherry wood combined with antique sandalwood, bay rum, musk, and amber.

Mrs Meltermeyer - Fresh cranberries and oranges are combined with a seasonal mix of clove and nutmeg spices.

Nagchampa - Nagchampa has a very lovely oriental aroma that evokes sensuality and warmth. It is often found in incense form to be used while meditating or to calm your mood.

Netflix & Chill -  Before you start your chillin, grab this frosty beverage made with Georgia Peach, tart pear, fresh raspberries, and homemade lemonade.

Nightcap at the Skilodge - Dark and sweet, this fragrance has the aroma of caramelized brown sugar followed by the fresh fragrance of fig. It is then taker to higher level of sweet by adding vanilla, dark rum, sugar, coconut, cream, and milk.

Oakmoss & Amber - Oakmoss & Amber has a rich woody aroma that is a little sweet to the senses. It contains a combination of musk, herbs, and amber then is infused with sage, lavandin, and orange essential oils.

Oatmeal Cookies - Experience the delicious aroma of freshly baked cookies straight from the oven with this sweet combination of oatmeal, brown sugar, and cinnamon.

Ocean Overlook - This invigorating aroma is a fresh blend that consists of jasmine, rose, lilac, and sweet violets then finished with a smooth musk and woody background. This has a similar fragrance to a clean smelling soap or body wash.

Old Fashioned Christmas -  This fragrance has the beautiful aroma of fresh evergreen, along with cinnamon, clove, and spices. It will remind you of family all snuggled together around the tree near the fire on a cold holiday night.

Old Fashioned Spiced Apple Cake - From woodsy to bakery, this special blend has a beautiful aroma of fresh evergreens, along with cinnamon, clove, and spices mixed in to delicious spiced apples, and sweet cake.

Once BittenThis victim will leave the taste of orange, lime, berry, and cinnamon lingering on the bloodsucker's palette.

Orange – Fresh sliced oranges with a touch of tangerine make this a true orange fragrance.

Orange Cream Cupcake - This original cupcake fragrance has an amazing aroma of juicy orange mixed with Creamsicle, sweet buttercream, and moist white cake.

Orange Creamsicle - Many children have experienced the excitement of chasing after the ice cream man for that refreshing treat. This fragrance is a refreshing blend of an iced orange popsicle with a creamy vanilla filling.

Orange you Glad Sodie PopJuicy, fresh oranges and sparkling citrus soda create this a-peeling aroma.

Patch LaneThis unique blend has the aroma of mulled cider, warm caramel, sweet cinnamon with an earthy patchouli finish.

Patchouli ~ Blendy Blocks or Puzzle Piece - Often referred to as the hippie smell, patchouli is typically used in incense, insect repellents, or alternative medicines. This herbal fragrance derives from Indian patchouli and contains notes of Canadian fir needle, and sandalwood.

Patchouli Sage - We have taken herbal fragrance to the next level with our own combination of multiple earthy fragrances. Dalmatian sage and Indian patchouli are the stars here but they are accented with eucalyptus, rosemary, cedar, Canadian Fir needle, and Sandalwood.

Peach - This bright fruity bouquet is reminiscent of the aroma of fresh cut peaches.

Peach Sodie PopThe aroma from this fragrance is a perfectly pleasing combination of fresh cut peaches and sparkling citrus soda pop.

Peach Spun Sugar - Sweet summer in the sand, this fruity blend has a combination of peach nectar, cotton candy, and fresh lemon.

Peanut Butter Banana FlapjacksCreamy peanut butter flapjacks are piled high and smothered in maple syrup and fresh bananas.

Peanut Butter PizzaThis crazy combo is a spice blend of pizza toppings and smooth creamy peanut butter.

Peanut Butter SammichDon’t forget to cut off the crust. This is a one note fragrance of creamy, crunchy, peanut butter without the jam.

Peanut Butter Grape Sammich - Creamy peanut butter and sweet grape jelly make this enjoyable fragrance treat.

Peanut Butter Strawberry Jam Sammich - Creamy peanut butter and strawberry jam create this classic sweet fragrance.

Pear Berry Tart Cake - Pear Tart, Strawberry Jam, Banana Caramel Cake (By Ashley G.)

Pear Tart - Imagine a sweet pear fragrance mixed with peach, berries, and apples then finished with tart sour and you will have this delicious smelling perfect pear blend.

Pecan Pie - Sweet custard and toasted pecans with brown sugar and vanilla make up this truly decadent classic pie fragrance.

Peep'n it RealFresh Strawberry and sweet cotton candy are blended with sugar, vanilla, butter cream, and fluffy marshmallow.

Peeping TomThis is Tom; his fragrance is a unique blend of Japanese yuzu with fluffy marshmallow, vanilla, butter cream, and fruity cereal.

Peeps n Robbers - Criminals Beware, you can’t hide with your strong scent of hot cinnamon candy and fluffy marshmallow. The peeps will surely find you.

Peony – This romantic, powdery, floral has the finest aroma of true peony.

Peppermint - This peppermint emits a crisp and clean aroma that is strong and true to its name.

Peppered Beef JerkyThis jerky has the aroma of lean dried beef finished with a perfect portion of pepper.

Peppered Pineapple BasilThis unique blend features sweet pineapple, citrus, and fresh basil sprinkled with a hint of black pepper.

Peppermint Shave Cream(the toothbrush)Classic shaving cream notes of bergamot, cedarwood, musk, and spices boldly mixed with peppermint and vanilla.

Pie Crust - This beautiful pastry dough fragrance is a perfectly sweet rendition of sugary crisp pie crust.

Pine - As you go on a camping trip for a little rest and relaxation in the wilderness you take in some fresh air along with the aromas of nature. This fragrance is a perfect match to fresh pine needles.

Pineapple – This one note fragrance has a true aroma of juicy, fresh cut pineapples.

Pink Marshmallow - Gooey marshmallow mixed with sugary goodness make this fragrance smell creamy and sweet.

Pink Sugar - This popular fragrance duplicate is a delightful blend of strawberry and bergamot combined with the warm scent of musk then sweetened with vanilla. 

Pipe Smoke - Masculine and fresh, this fragrance contains notes of herbaceous tobacco leaf followed by sweet honey and finished with smoky cedar wood, cherry wood, and vanilla bean.

Pizza ParlorBring home the aroma of an authentic Italian restaurant in this intriguing blend of spices, oregano, fresh herbs, and homemade pasta sauce.

Pomegranate Green Tea - Your favorite shaken beverage in a candle! Pomegranate, bergamot, tropical mango and peach blended with green tea for a delightfully sweet fragrance.

Pomegranate Spice - This spiced fruity aroma is our all-time best seller! Rich pomegranate, juicy pear, white rose, and mango are delicately blended with raspberry bark, musk, and white woods. The end result is a magical fruity fragrance that is perfect year round.

Pumpkin Apple Butter - This incredible fragrance includes notes of orange, apple, pear, pineapple, and cherries on top of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and warm vanilla. 

Pumpkin Apple Cupcake - Orange, apple, pear, and pineapple are mixed with pumpkin, clove, cinnamon, and vanilla then rounded off with sweet white cake. 

Pumpkin Chai Latte - Pumpkin Chai Latte is a unique fragrance of spiced pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove blended with creamy caramel and vanilla.

Pumpkin Cheesecake - This incredible aroma consists of cardamom and ground cinnamon spices with a complex blend of maple, pumpkin puree, carrot, whipped cream, rum, cream cheese, sugar, and French vanilla.  

Pumpkin Crunchcake - Enjoy this aroma of creamy pumpkin pie filling with rich milk then surrounded by freshly baked yellow cake, melted butter, pecans, and spice.

Pumpkin Pecan Mallow FluffThis amazing custom blend is a delicious mix of creamy marshmallow, rich vanilla beans, clove, and buttercream on top of fresh toasted pumpkin.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Sweet pumpkin and buttery vanilla are topped off with toasted pecans, cream, and rich maple syrup.

Pumpkin Souffle - This irresistible fragrance is bursting with fresh pumpkin combined with notes of butter, sugar, and spices.

Pumpkin Spice - There is nothing like the smell of pumpkin pie baking in the oven around Thanksgiving. This pumpkin pie fragrance has been spiced up with cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg, then smoothed out with creamy vanilla.

Pumpkin Thyme - Sweet pumpkin custard is spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, and ginger. 

Pumpkin Walnut Biscotti - Take in this delightful fragrance of freshly baked Italian biscotti with delicious notes of pumpkin and walnuts. 

Punched Up Sodie Pop – Poppin with juiciness, this fragrance is a combination of tropical fruit punch and fizzy citrus soda pop.

Random Act of Love - This beautiful fragrance contains a custom blend of fresh pear, vanilla bean noel, and delicious white cake. 

Raspberry Chai Cupcake - This original blend has caramel, vanilla, orange, cinnamon, and clove mixed with ripe raspberries, and white cake.

Raspberry Chai Latte - This unique original fragrance has a combination of caramel, vanilla, orange, cinnamon and clove then blended with fresh ripened raspberries.

Red Hot Cinnamon - Red hot cinnamon is a perfect match to the popular sweet and spicy candy mainly associated with Valentine's Day. This fragrance is a true cinnamon lover’s delight.

Red Hot Sugar Cookie - Santa is in for a spicy surprise when he takes a bite of this cookie. Sweet and sugary holiday cookies are covered with cinnamon candy then filled with an even bigger punch of spicy red hot cinnamon.

Roasted Chestnut - This fragrance has a rich, dark, and bold aroma of freshly roasted chestnuts.

Roasted Espresso - This is a robust espresso fragrance that is accompanied by notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and hazelnut.

Rosemary - Known for its mood enhancement, rosemary and thyme are infused with cedarwood, eucalyptus, and patchouli essential oils.

Rosemary Mint - Drift away with this soothing and relaxing spa-like fragrance that has the aroma of fresh picked rosemary and Australian eucalyptus combined with peppermint and spearmint. (Choice of Aveda Type or Minty Blend).

Rotten Egg - Don't let the name fool you. This special egg may be a bad one but it smells like heaven. Fresh blackberries, and tea and cakes sit on a hint of pie crust.

Ruby Red Grapefruit - This ruby red grapefruit fragrance is true to its name and is the perfect fit for the lover of sweet and juicy grapefruit aromas.

Sage - Dalmation Sage fills the air with a crisp, clean, and spiced fragrance that can help calm the atmosphere in your space.

Sage & Citrus - Sage & Citrus is a very clean and earthy fragrance. Sage, eucalyptus, and rosemary are delicately mixed with lemon and an array of citrus fruits.

Salty Sea AirCrisp ozone, salty sea spray, seaweed, driftwood, and water lily make up this heavenly fresh and clean scent.

Sandalwood Amber - Sandalwood and amber are blended with carefully selected exotic spices to create this rich, yet soothing incense like fragrance.

Satsuma - Part of the Oriental Seduction and Madagascar Spice family, this powerful aroma is a blend of mandarin slices & peel, bergamot, spices, and exotic fruits. 

Sea Salt & Orchid - This smooth and elegant spa like fragrance starts with crisp notes of sea salt followed by calming notes of jasmine, sweet cream, and musk.

Serendipity – This decadent delight includes sweet, creamy vanilla with confectioner’s sugar sweet cherry, orange, and a hint of coconut.

Sex on the Beach - If you are the kind of person who likes their fruity drinks in the summer, perhaps you have ordered a sex on the beach from the bar. This sweet rendition of the classic mixed drink consists of pineapple, orange, cranberry, and peach.

Sexy - This his and hers blend contains the sensual aroma of sandalwood mixed with rich amber, and masculine teak wood with a touch of shave cream.

Shelby's Fantastical Garden - This floral bouquet of sweet golden rose is elegantly blended with notes of strawberry, sugar, bergamot, cotton candy and fresh fig tree. 

Skiddle Briddle - This burst of candy fun provides a spectrum of citrus and sugary good fragrance.

Sledding Trip - This twist on sugary vanilla rum cake bring out hints of bergamot, ozone, and intense orange

Smoking Room - Picture walking in to a Victorian library and you get hit by the historic aromas of teakwood, cedar, leather and woody notes followed by a faint smell of sweet smoke from the old dusty pipe and the imprint of bay rum, amber, and musk from the trip to the barbershop.

Smooth as Velvet - Red Velvet Cake, Cake Batter Ice Cream, Brownie Batter

Soap on a Rope - Right out of the shower, this fresh and clean fragrance resembles a classic bar of soap. 

Sparkling Holly Berry Cherry - This holiday twist has a sweet and spicy mix of cinnamon, clove, and berries combined with a burst of cherries and black cherry, then finished with a hint of sparkling citrus soda.

SpearmintThis true to its name fragrance is cool refreshing spearmint with a hint of vanilla.

Spearmint Sugar Cone Pie or Mini Loaf - This mixed up dessert has a pleasing aroma of  spearmint, vanilla, and sugary waffle cone topped with delicious pie crust sprinkles. 

Spearmint Vanilla Ice Cream - This fragrance is a smooth and sweet blend of vanilla cream and refreshing spearmint.

Spearmint Vanilla Bean NoelThis enjoyable blend is our combination of cool refreshing spearmint and vanilla with hints of musk and buttercream.

Spiced Apple Cupcake - Fresh baked apples and sweet cinnamon rolls topped with spices and finished with white cake. 

Splendid Bread - Fresh baked zucchini bread filled with apples and cinnamon is cooling in the window with a background of the pine forest outside. 

Spruce Orchard - This blend has a sweet, clean, and refreshing aroma. Spruce orchard has a unique combination of citrus, pine, and rosemary with a lightly woody background. 

Strawberry Flapjacks - These flapjacks are filled with fresh strawberries and topped with thick maple syrup and jam.

Strawberry Fluff Cake – Decadent vanilla cake is blended with fresh strawberries and covered with rich marshmallow cream frosting.

Strawberry JamThis reminder of mom’s homemade jam has rich, ripe strawberries blended to sugary perfection and is just waiting to be spread on your morning toast.

Strawberry LemonadeSweet strawberries and fresh lemons are mixed with sugary candy.

Strawberry Pumpkin Pecan WafflesSweet pumpkin and buttery vanilla are topped off with toasted pecans, maple syrup, and sugary strawberry jam sauce.

Strawberry ShaveFresh picked strawberries sweeten up this shaving cream blend of bergamot, musk, cedarwood, orange zest, and spices.

Strawberry Sodie PopSugary ripe strawberries and sparkling citrus soda pop emit this berry amazing aroma.

Strawberry Vanilla Ice CreamHomemade vanilla ice cream is blended with fresh picked strawberries pieces and covered in strawberry jam sauce.

Stockings by the Fireside  - Smokey and sweet, this custom blend has a cozy fire smell of birch, cedar, and sandalwood on top of toasted marshmallows and vanilla. It is finished with a sweet confectionery secret.

Sugared Cake Crush - Lemon Drop, Cotton Candy, Frosted Cake (By Heather C.)

Sugar Cookie - Memories of the holidays and decorating cookies with the family fill the air with this sweet, sugary aroma. 

Summer AfternoonIt’s a beautiful summer day and the smell of juicy watermelon coming from the picnic table is mingling with the aroma of your fresh cut grass.

Summer Brunch - Fresh summer berries mingle with maple syrup and dreamy creme brulee.

Sun Kissed - A crisp summer medley of grapefruit, crisp apple, and pear with citrus notes of bergamot and orange.

Sweet Grape Sodie PopSparkling fizzy soda pop is combined with tart grapes then sweetened with sugar.

Sweet Heat -This fragrance is a true cinnamon lovers delight with an added twist of peppermint, sugar, and vanilla

Sweet Jasmine - Breath in the beautiful aroma of summer jasmine blooms with this amazing floral scent. This fragrance is a perfect blend of classic jasmine, honeysuckle, and orange the finished with soft woody notes.

Sweet Pea - Imagine an English garden that captures the very essence of sweet and floral elegance, the fragrance is light and airy.

Sweet Tea Time - Green tea, pomegranate, and peach nectar intertwine with sweet, fruity cereal.

Tea & Cakes - Rich tea steeping beside a slice of sweet cake brings out notes of lemon, lime, and orange, with rosewood, vanilla, tonka, and maple.

Teakwood Leather - Complex and very masculine, this fragrance has our own blend of leather, tobacco, amber, musk, and teakwood.

The AccountantA bold blend of Guiness and espresso is paired with toasted marshmallow and freshly baked oatmeal cookies. 

The Chef This warm medley of pumpkin spice and apple butterscotch intertwine with heavenly cakey bliss.

The GardenerCreamy Pumpkin, spices, and fresh blueberries from the garden are combined in this delicious vanilla ice cream cake.

The Handyman - At the end of his day this masculine man has the aroma of exhaust, wood smoke, patchouli, and clove entangled with a faint scent of his morning shave.

The Housekeeper - Clean cotton aromas are complimented with the subtle floral notes of sweet pea and fresh vanilla beans. 

Tiffany Needs Attention - Butterscotch, Banana Caramel Cake, Cupcakes at Tiffany's (By Pam C.H.)

Tiny Rain Drops - Beautiful and fresh, this spa like fragrance contains lily and rose petals with musk and sandalwood.

Tipsy PicnicJuicy watermelon, rum and sun ripened raisins with hints of peach, strawberry and vanilla make up this summery blend.

Toasted Jack - This sweet and spicy aroma includes a combination of toasted pumpkin and sweet marshmallow with a bold fireplace finish.

Toasted Marshmallow S'more - This twist on one of the most popular campfire treats has a creamy blend of milk chocolate and toasted marshmallow sandwiched between two graham crackers.

Toasted Pumpkin SpiceToasty pumpkin and clove are blended smoothly with buttercream and cinnamon bark with a smoky cedarwood base.

Toasted Pumpkin Vanilla Fluff This amazing custom blend is a delicious mix of creamy marshmallow, rich vanilla beans, clove, and buttercream on top of toasty pumpkin.

Tobacco & Bourbon – Sweet tobacco and smooth bourbon are uniquely blended together to make this rich masculine aroma.

Top Sirloin – Beef, beef, and more beef is what you will get with this mouthwatering aroma of steak on the grill.

Tree Hugger - Just a splash of patchouli goes a long way. Earthy, refreshing, and sweet, this one of a kind blend consists of Indian Patchouli, Peppermint, and Spearmint rounded off with sweet vanilla cream.

Tropical Punch – Bring on summer with this tropical fragrance of raspberry, strawberry, and tangerine with notes of sour candy.

Twigs O Spruce - If you like the smell of the outdoors, this is the perfect woodsy aroma for you. Twigs O Spruce is a powerful complex blend of spruce, fir, pine needle, and green fern with notes of clove, cedar wood, musk, and sensual amber.

Twisted Candy Cane Noel - This sugary treat has a refreshing burst of peppermint followed by sugar, vanilla, buttercream, and a hint of musk.

Twizted PeppermintRich vanilla, sugar, and refreshing mint will fill your space with this sweet candy like aroma.

Twizted Strawberry Vanilla Mint – Refreshing peppermint is mixed with sweet strawberries and vanilla beans then topped with vanilla cream.

Unicorn Magic ~ Mini Loaf - Our original Unicorn fragrance includes a super sweet and complex blend of cotton candy, pink sugar, love spell, and lemon.

Unicorn Magic Cupcake - In this version of Unicorn Magic we have mixed up the ingredients of cotton candy, pink sugar, and love spell and baked in sweet white cake.

Vamps Bloody Pink Chewing Gum - When a vampire is between meals he may reach for a stick of his favorite blood type G chewing gum. This blood type is a blend of peppermint, pink sugar, and bubble gum.

Vanilla Bean ~ Blendy Blocks or Puzzle Piece - Are you a big fan of vanilla fragrances? This is the most amazing sweet and sugary aroma of fresh vanilla beans. Vanilla Bean is a best seller with incredible fragrance throw in your space.

Vanilla Bean Noel – Sweet vanilla, warm sugar, musk, and buttercream make up this delightful creamy fragrance.

Vanilla ExtractIntense vanilla and a subtle hint of cream make up this true extract type fragrance.

Vanilla Chai Latte - This wonderful combination is a warm, sweet, and sugary blend of fresh vanilla beans and spiced chai.

Vanilla Madness Cupcake - Vanilla lovers step right up. This blast of vanilla is a crazy mix of creamy French vanilla, sweet vanilla bean, and vanilla extract blended with our classic white cake. 

Vanilla Peppermint - Sweet and sugary vanilla beans are mixed with a crisp and clean peppermint creating a smooth relaxing blend.

Vanilla Rose - This soft floral blend has a silky aroma of rose petals and vanilla. (Rose Jam Type).

Vanilla Shave (fu Manchu)Strong vanilla extract is blended smoothly with shaving cream notes of crisp bergamot, cedarwood, musk, and spices.

Watermelon - This refreshing and sweet fragrance is perfect for the fans of fruity aromas. A favorite summer picnic treat, this scent consists of juicy watermelon along with hints of peach, strawberry, and vanilla.

Watermelon Bubble Gum - Bring back memories of the delicious taste of this favorite bubble bursting treat. This sweet blend is our own custom mix of juicy watermelon and sugary bubble gum.

Whatta PredicaMintJuicy watermelon is superbly mixed with peppermint mint then rounded off with sweet fizzy soda.

Whitecap Mountain -  Clean notes of ozone and jasmine are balanced out with cypress and moss the finished with peppermint and a dash of sugar.

Winter Candy Apple Mint -Loaf  or SamplerThis one of a kind Epic Blend is a mix of winter candy apple along with a burst of mints and other ingredients that I can’t share with you. There are a total of 7 fragrance oils in this beauty.

Wooded Retreat ~ Leaves or Puzzle Piece - This sophisticated fragrance has the smell of fresh cut pine and evergreens that mingle with rich spices. This is one of our top selling fragrances that may remind you of a nostalgic holiday fragrance.

Yuzu - This Japanese citrus has sparkling overtones of grapefruit, citron, and mandarin orange that creates a fresh and clean aroma in your space. 

Zombie BrainsThis bold custom fragrance is a unique blend of blood orange, Dragon’s blood, chocolate, orchid, and fresh vanilla bean. 

Zucchini Bread ~ Blendy Blocks or Puzzle Piece - This spectacular bakery blend is a fragrant mix of classic sweet bread along with spices of cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg which are perfectly blended together with garden fresh zucchini.





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